The Grappler's Guide to Grip Training

A book designed to give you truly powerful hands, wrists and forearms for grappling and everyday life.

Get stronger, prevent injury and improve your grip the right way.

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Your Guide to Grip Strength

My name is Daniel Strauss. I am a 3rd-degree black belt under Roger Gracie, and have competed in grappling at the highest levels nationally and internationally, winning British, English, and European championships.

I have also competed in some of the biggest invite-only grappling shows in the world, including Polaris, EBI, and Quintet.

I have certified on world-recognised feats of grip strength, such as bending the IronMind red nail and lifting the famous Dinnie Stones.

I have become somewhat of an authority on grip training in the context of grappling, and this book includes more detail and information than I have ever given before.

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What’s included in the book?

Over 200 pages of techniques, exercises and imagery to help you make serious gains in your grip.

Crush Strength

Strengthen the concentric closing of the hand. Think of this like crushing an apple with one hand until it explodes. This builds a good foundational ability to be able to hold onto an opponent's limb or gi. A serious advantage in sparring!

Vertical Strength

Build superhuman strength whilst your hand is in a deviated position (imagine grabbing onto a wrist or how you would climb a rope). Many people are especially weak in this area, yet it’s one of the most common hand positions in BJJ.

Support Strength

Train the ability for your hand to maintain strength isometrically. This comes into play especially for gi grapplers who have to grip hold of lapels and keep them controlled. You’ll notice a massive power difference after just a few weeks of training.

Cupping & Hooking

Develop a strong connection between the forearm and wrist to strengthen the ability to grip at or close to a 90 degree angle. Incredibly useful for no-gi grapplers who do a lot of sparring.

Finger & Wrist Strength

Grow insanely strong, durable wrists and fingers by training them alongside the hands. Here, we’ll strengthen the connective tissue as well as the muscles. If you take this module seriously, you’ll feel like a totally new athlete on the mats.

Workout Exercises

One of the beautiful things about grip training is how simple it is to program and add to existing workout routines. I will show you exactly how, so you can start building strength thick and fast from day 1.

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What people say about my grip training exercises:

“My grips are already stronger after a week. I know this because I have been working on an intense crab walk exercise that was hard on my shoulders and wrists and now it's not.”


“The explainations are very clear. My technique and my understanding have improve a lot. Especially my understanding of how and why.”


“There’s a lot of conflicting info online so it’s good to have a solid set of exercises that work for BJJ. The grip workouts fit really well in my routine and I got strong way faster than I thought. Never felt stronger, would recommend.”


“Doing the exercises after a full body workout has helped strength a lot. I can load more weight on the wrist roller now vs before the course so I'm definitely gaining strength.”


“My functional grappling strength and ability to control my opponent has improved immensely."


“Comprehensive information about grip training that I've managed to use...
I've got sick looking forearms, also my hands are healthier!”