Build bulletproof grip strength for jiu-jitsu

Strengthening your grip is like a superpower when it comes to controlling your opponent and securing more submissions. In this course, I teach you how to build a ridiculous grip strength that will help you dominate the competition.

Whether you have zero equipment or a full gym to use, you can start building a stronger grip today.

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Invest in your game

Most jiu-jitsu athletes neglect their grip strength, and it means they lose position and submissions often. A weak grip also makes athletes more susceptible to nagging finger and wrist injuries. When you strengthen your grip properly using the exercises in my course, you’ll see benefits fast and won’t believe how strong you feel. If you’re serious about learning and applying the skills, this is the course for you.
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Dedicated to levelling-up your BJJ

I’m a BJJ black belt under Roger Gracie. I have years of experience competing on the world stage, and I made grip strength a fundamental part of my game. It helped me to beat multiple world champions. After a decade of people asking me the best way to train their grip for grappling, I made this course to pass that knowledge on to everyone who is serious about becoming dominant on the mats.
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Modules & lessons

Grip strength comprises many different movements and ranges of motion. This over 75 minute course will teach you all of the various types of grip strength to guarantee that you finish the course as stronger, more capable athlete.

We won’t just massively increase your strength. We’ll also explore exercises to avoid common overuse injuries such as tendonitis, finger and wrist pain, so you can stay active for longer.

Whether you have zero equipment or a full gym to use, you can start building a stronger grip today.
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- Intro to the course

Crushing Strength

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- Crush
- Hand Gripper Technique

Support Strength

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- Support Strength
- Closed Hand Support
- Open Hand Support

Other types of grip

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- Finger Strength
- Vertical Gripping
- Cupping
- Hooking

Wrist strength

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- Introduction to Wrist Strength
- Wrist: Supination & Pronation
- Wrist: Deviation
- Wrist: Flexion & Extension


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- Bicep training


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- Recovery
- Self care: Extensors
- Self Care: Wrist Pain


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- Programming


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- Bonus: Bricks
- Bonus: Nail Bending
- Bonus: Workout examples

“Got me to look at grip training from another angle. Hope there will be a part 2.”
“Fantastic instructional! It covers grip training/recovery and Dan makes it doable for all levels with minimal equipment.”
“The best hand surgeon in Saigon has just told me to not waste my money on physio and to just keep doing the exercises from your grip training instructional.”

A proven strategy for an unbreakable grip

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Learn anywhere

If you want to become great at jiu-jitsu and catch submissions regularly, you need to improve outside of the gym and your normal classes. This course can be viewed at home or on the go, so you can progress your game anywhere.

Serious details, serious progress

Grip strength involves more than you think. Most people don’t know how to properly train their grip because they don’t truly understand what grip is. Grip strength comprises many different movements and ranges of motion, which I go into in detail to you can truly level up your game.

Proven results

The exercises I teach in this course are the exact same ones I’ve used to strengthen my own grip. They work. My superior grip strength has been a huge factor in my success on the world stage, and I’m incredibly confident you’ll see massive benefits too.

Timeless techniques

This course is specifically designed to bring value to fighters of all levels, and won’t go out of date. It’ll be just as useful after 10 years. Through applying the knowledge in this course and taking your BJJ seriously, you will develop an incredibly strong grip that will serve you well throughout your journey.
How long is this course?
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Over 75 mins of exercises and techniques for all levels - whether you have zero equipment or a full gym to use.

Won’t my grip strength improve naturally by doing BJJ?
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The truth is, BJJ is like anything you want to become great at. You get out exactly what you put in. In my experience, all the best BJJ competitors started as students who were hungry to learn at every opportunity. If your learning stops when you leave your regular classes, you’re not becoming as good as you could be and that’s just a fact. Invest in your game, and you won’t believe the results.

Do I need any specialist equipment?

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No. This instructional is designed specifically for ANYONE to be able to begin their journey into grip training. Whether you have access to standard gym equipment, have all the fanciest tools or have absolutely nothing, you will be able to train your grip.

I’ve never done any strength training, is this course for me?

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Absolutely. The beauty of grip training is that it doesn't place a huge stress on your body. Starting light and adding more resistance as your body adapts and gets stronger will allow you to train safely and effectively whatever your current level is.

I’m a beginner, is this course too advanced?

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Absolutely not. The techniques I teach are just as useful to white belts as they are to high-level black belts. Strengthening your grip will be a huge advantage at any stage of your journey, and will put you way ahead of the competition.

If I buy this course, does it last forever?

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For sure. It’s yours to keep, and you can return to it any time you want to learn and develop. I designed the course to help you all the way through your BJJ journey.

What if I rip my training partner’s Gi?

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Unfortunately, it is very possible that after taking this course you may rip your sparring partner's lapels, sleeves, or trouser legs. If this happens and they become upset, just tell them to pick up a copy of this course and they too can posses a ridiculous grip strength.

Invest in yourself today and see the benefits forever

If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to make the choices that most average people won’t.

👉 Over 75 minutes of content
👉 Coached by a Gracie Black Belt & elite competitor
👉 Easy-to-follow online videos
👉 Chat with others in the comments
👉 Bonus workout plans included
👉 No fancy equipment needed

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