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Learn from a Roger Gracie Black Belt

I've competed on the world stage and toured the planet teaching my techniques to professionals. My mission is to help the world live the good life by being strong, skilled and capable.

The Courses

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Ultimate Ape Bundle


All 3 courses. Save £15.
Save £15 on a discounted course bundle for people who are serious about their goals. Make massive gains in your strength and submission skills with 3 courses designed to work perfectly together - Guillotine Essentials, Grip Strength Masterclass and Sandbag Strength Masterclass.
grip strength bjj online training course dan strauss ape academy

Grip Strength Masterclass


Build bulletproof grip strength for BJJ
Build ridiculous, warrior-level grip strength for BJJ, overall health and everyday life. A weak grip will hold you back from all aspects of BJJ and strength training - turn your grip into your superpower!
guillotine bjj online course dan strauss

Guillotine Essentials - Was £79.99


 Build an elite-level guillotine. Sale now on.
On sale now - save £20! Develop an elite-level guillotine choke and the tools to secure submissions time after time, whatever the competition. Learn the exact same guillotine game I’ve used to submit multiple world champions. All the details I wish I knew when I started out.
sandbag bjj strength online training course ape academy

Sandbag Strength masterclass


Build insane full-body strength for jiu-jitsu
Build bear hugging, soul crushing strength for BJJ. Sandbags are the secret weapon in a grapplers training arsenal. Learn how to use them safely and effectively to gain full-body strength that your opponents won’t be able to handle.

Get strong, get skilled, live well.

“Amazing… I feel like I retained 90% of the information. So well put together, can't wait for the next one.”
“These techniques worked a treat during sparring the next day at my club. Thanks so much.”
“Dan’s seminar was great and I still refer to my notes years later.”



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How do I know these courses are worth the money?

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I’ve always believed the best thing to invest in is yourself. I work hard to design my courses to be easy to learn from, but to last a lifetime. The knowledge I teach isn’t supposed to be thrown away after the course is completed, but to stick with you forever and improve your life in the long term. I receive regular testimonials that confirm these courses deliver amazing results. That’s why I believe in them so much.

Why do I need an online course to become stronger or more skilled?

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Ask any successful person and they’ll tell you the same thing. In life, you get out exactly what you put in. My courses are for people who are serious about becoming the best version of themselves, because I’m confident they give people real results. If you put average effort into your strength and skills, you’ll get average results. If you continuously seek out knowledge and learn from experts, you won’t believe how good you can get!

If I buy a course, does it last forever?

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For sure. It’s yours to keep, and you can return to it any time you want to learn and develop. I design courses to help you all the way through your journey.

Will the knowledge in your courses go out of date?

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The techniques and exercises you learn in my courses are the exact same ones I’ve used to compete around the world and build my own body. I’ve used them for over 16 years. Using this knowledge, I design my courses to be valuable forever, and to never go out of date. The skills and knowledge you’ll learn will serve you for life. No snake oil, no cheap tricks, and no bullsh**.

Why should we learn from you?

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A: Good question. The internet is full of low-quality courses from snake oil salesmen, so you should check the credentials of anyone before deciding to trust them. You can learn about my martial arts and strength training journey here.

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